Dear Svetlana, 

Since the first time I saw you perform, back in September 2001,

I have been very impressed with your talent as a dancer as well as a choreographer. I am in awe of your talent and technique of various styles of dancing, form modern and classical ballet, to jazz, Spanish style, ballroom dancing and various Eastern dances. Just amazing! 

My favorite piece of yours is the dance from Tibet. I appreciate the time you took to do a class for my teenage girls’ group. They were so intrigued by your talent and training, as much as I am. 

Also your choreography for the Moulin Rouge piece with your back up dancers performing the “Diamonds Are the Best Girl’s Friends” was very impressive! What a very entertaining number! 

Lastly, every custom made costume of yours is gorgeous, even glamorous, and just “top of the line”! It’s no wander you are in such big demand here. That is not easy in South Florida. My Palm Beach clients are not easy to impress either, since they have seen the “best of the best” around the country and internationally.   

I have hired you and your talent from the New Age Ballet Co. over the past nine years through my production company for corporate events, as well as private parties in Palm Beach County, and every time I have received rave reviews. Such positive feedback is a reflection on you and your talent! That is why I continue to utilize your services. 

So, I would be more than happy to highly recommend you to any potential client needing your talent.  

Thanks so much! 


Ms. Camille T. Davis

Camilleon Impersonators, LLC 


          Svetlana, I and my family just want to tell you how much your amazing performance meant to us. I am so happy that you were available to dance for my mother on her 80th birthday.  

          Svetlana, you probably remember that we were crying when we were watching you… It was impossible not to cry! It is so hard to believe your own eyes when this famous, legendary miniature “Dying Swan” , danced by Anna Pavlova and all world famous ballerinas, is performed right in front of you!!! When you began dancing, I don’t know for how long but I stopped breathing… Your gracefulness,  flexible arms, your whole body was flowing above the ground so smoothly. It looked like a dream, not a reality. 

          My mother lived in Moscow all her life and she loved going to Bolshoi Theater. She saw all of the ballets in there, because she is a ballet fanatic. And you have no idea what you have done for her on that day… She was crying not only because your dance brought all the memories of timeless beauty she lived with in Moscow, but also your unique, amazing and so lyrical and tender image, that cannot leave a single heart untouched! Svetlana, you are a real star, I want you to know this! And I hope that many Americans will see you dance, and they will cry too, because your art goes so deep inside the soul, and it will stay there for a long time. 

          Dear, I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that performance you did for us, we will always remember it. I wish you all the happiness and success that you deserve and for which you work so hard. Many blessings to you! 

Olga Teleshova and family - Queens, NY 


Dear Svetlana:

I just want to express my gratitude for your incredible services.

I have been hiring you for a number of years now to perform at my private parties, and every single performance of yours, is simply incredible! You never repeat your performances, they are different in style and content each time. You are an eclectic and unique performer! And I love your improvisations too, I never know what you will come up with next.

You have been the main attraction at my parties Svetlana, making them interesting and desirable to my guests. And I want to thank you for that. I will continue to utilize your services whenever you are in the area.

Thank you very much!

M. P. - White Plains, NY


Svetlana, I can’t thank you enough for helping me through a recent tough time in my life. One of my best friends died of lung cancer last year. I had a lot of responsibilities that added to the stress, such as being my late friend’s health caretaker, his durable P.A., arranging my friend’s funeral and cremation, on top of dealing with the grief.  

Your flower essences worked miracles! Its amazing how you know what extracts of various flowers to use for me and my situation. I appreciate that you took the time to ask questions about my many symptoms in such great detail. I had been experiencing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression, which resulted in fatigue and lack of concentration. Than, to follow up with a couple of phone calls to see how they were working. So, after asking again, you changed the formula to benefit me better. It worked 100% ! You were interested enough in asking again and again.  

Thank you very much Svetlana! I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in need. 

Camille T. Davis - West Palm Beach, FL    


I am a true believer in the flower remedies. I have been using the Dr. Bach remedies now for about 3 and a half years and have seen a dramatic improvement with all my issues. I am the single mother of two young boys, one who is autistic. I have suffered extreme bouts of stress, anxiety, depression and other daily ailments that most people experience in this fast paced, heavily laden world we live in today. I have also experienced sudden crisis and extreme emotional impacts that not only have been relieved, but cured by some of the flower remedies that I have taken. This is an amazing product and I have to say that it would not have been part of my regimen if it weren’t for the Brilliance of Svetlana’s prognosis. Svetlana is a very thorough and compassionate therapist, with an eye for detail and intuition of a true healer. She has been able to lift me out of the depths of despair and continually treats me with successful professionalism and true intentions. This combo of remedy and therapy is truly priceless and magical. I highly recommend it. My life would not be the same without the aid of this wonderful therapy.

Thank you Svetlana! 

M. F. - Portland, OR 



I just had to write and share my experience after having an hour of conversation/flower essence consultation with Svetlana.

I have recently been going through some sudden changes in my life and that left me with many questions, insecurities, and not to mention a tremendous fear. A fear, not only for the present time, but also for my future health and sanity. Since we all know that sanity is the ticket and that once lost, other things go down the hill in no time.

Back to the point, after speaking to close friends and family members, I was left more confused than before. Knowing that everyone was coming from a good place and their thoughts and advices came from their hearts was so puzzling to me of my even more negative emotions I felt after our conversations.

Than I had my time with Svetlana. In just one hour after our conversation, that dark, scary feeling was suddenly gone. It was as if a higher power was speaking to me through her. Angels came in many forms. Svetlana is an angel.

Svetlana, thank you and thank God for your love and wisdom and for sharing your gift with a person like me.

Natalie Taylor - Miami, FL  


I am happy to express my gratitude to Svetlana, who helped me in my worst time of my life, during the times of death of my mother. Depression, physical weakness, low energy, multiple physical problems, caused me indescribable misery. But Svetlana, like an angel, spread her arms over me, healed me in a miraculous way. She treated me with Reiki, flower essences, Tibetan exercises and meditation. 

Combination of her miraculous abilities and knowledge created almost immediate positive effect through Reiki. I felt as if darkness around me has dissipated, and light, the inner light came back to me. Lightness and hope filled my being again. My grief became more calm and I got more rest at heart. My mind turned towards surrounding life. And I felt that my healing process became more rapid. I began to feel emotions again, because I was feeling very numb before. 

Svetlana also gave me flower essences to heal my emotional post traumatic condition. These essences worked for me as an elixir of balanced life. They worked smoothly, in an amazing way. Without me noticing how, but subtly and permanently, they changed my view of my problems in a positive way! I became more calm, confident, and finally got a smile at least in my eyes. I became more active and creative. And I started to get back to life but on a new level. I can say, even better than before I got my emotional trauma. I believe it elevated me to the new level of the quality of my life. Even my macular degeneration didn’t stop me from going forward through difficulties, to go ahead with my creative endeavors. I got enough courage to brake through the wall of blindness fiercely. I found the new media for my creativity! I found the strength to preserve my sanity to continue living. I discovered the new strength to overcome suffering and physical challenges. I believe that flower essences played a major role in supporting and guiding my emotional, spiritual and physical strength. I didn’t take any other herbal supplements or prescription medications. I relied solely on Reiki and flower essence therapy as my support.  

In addition to the healing, in order to increase my vitality, Svetlana also introduced to me very gentle  and surprisingly effective Tibetan exercises for the whole body. I was very surprised to discover how effective these exercises are. With minimal effort on my part, without straining myself, I feel immediate tonifying and strengthening effect and with the new energy inflow! They only require precise attention. As the result, I end up having more energy after these exercises than before I start. I do these easy exercises anytime and anywhere whenever I need to feel better. And I also would say, that somehow, these exercises produce the feeling of rejuvenation, because in some way, they touch on your emotions, mind, and spiritual reserves too! I think of them as a “first aid” for my general wellbeing and good mood. 

And finally, meditational healing is like a unique crown for the whole wellbeing. I received the knowledge from Svetlana, which now I can use any time for self support. Not only to solve my problems, but also to grow and to prosper in my life.  

Thanks to Svetlana for her unique abilities, talent and a big heart, which she contributes and which constitutes her high level of professionalism.

With Love and endless gratitude to you Svetlana! 

Natasha N. - NY, NY 



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