Mission Statement

At New Age Ballet Co. we bring something new to the dance world.

Starting on a strong base, we fuse elements of classical ballet, world folklore, jazz, modern, new age and other styles. From this diversity we create a unique language of dance with its own internal logic and central truth to create enigmatic and beautiful whole, beautiful performance pieces that speak directly to the emotions and intellect of the audience.

We have created and will continue to create dance pieces that range from miniatures to large productions.

These performances are presented using performing artists drawn from many different disciplines and genres.
New Age Ballet Co. is both a performance and a teaching company, offering an educational program to the public. This program combines the latest scientific discoveries with the priceless heritage of traditional high culture systems of art, beauty and health.

Specially designed classes focus on the achievement of optimum health and performance. Guided by professionals, students are offered physical techniques and insights into the Theatrical Arts and their contributions to and influence on culture, society and the individual


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