Classical Ballet Technique


New Age Ballet Co. presents classical ballet training taught by the leading method of Agrippina Vaganova, the mother of Russian style ballet technique.

The world famous features of this style are flawless technique combined with the strong acting and dramatic expression. This style is known for its harmonious, flowing and expressive body movements, flexible yet strong torso, graceful arms and head alignment, which complete each pose and movement. 

A. Vaganova has made immeasurable contribution to the legacy of world ballet. Her famed book “Basic Principles of Classical Dance” has been translated into numerous languages and remains a must for every dance instructor.

New Age Ballet Co. offers three levels of ballet technique:

Beginner Level - this class introduces students to the foundations of proper body positioning and basic movement techniques.

Intermediate Level - this class teaches increased body control, and mastering more complex movement combinations.

Advanced Level - this class introduces students to a more refined technique with increased speed and supreme body control. It stimulates students to acquire a professional technical level.


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