Choreographic Art  

This class introduces an inseparable part of Russian school of classical dance,   the art of theatrical choreography. In addition to promoting a flawless performing technique, this subject fosters one to become a true stage artist, able to convey images and events through their movements. This class teaches fine  subtleties of the art of dance, its goals and its purpose.

Through understanding and recognition of choreographic images, music and scenery, students will begin mastering dance acting, which gives them the true right to be called the artists of ballet.

Through understanding of their individual dance traits and of the character to be performed, students acquire intellectual movements, speaking and delivering to the audience the essence and purpose of the performance.

Deep intellectual approach towards movement and character performance, as well as ability to convey a philosophical message to the audience, is one of the most remarkable traits of Russian ballet, and the one  that established it as the leading authority in the world.

This class presents students an opportunity to be immersed with Russian style of dance stage acting and choreography.

Various choreographic pieces, leading roles, group scenes, character analysis and stage acting will be covered.

* A must for professional performers.   


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