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Svetlana Nemirovsky – performer, choreographer, producer and founder of the “New Age Ballet Co.” started her career as a classical dancer when she was selected as a young child by the National Opera and Ballet Theatre Academy of Latvia, in Riga as a student. She completed her training in 1991 and immigrated with her family as a refugee to the United States the same year.

Nourished by American multiculturalism, Svetlana’s knowledge of dance and choreography grew to include many styles of dance and technique, from Classical dance to ancient dances of India. Svetlana took every opportunity to learn and perfect her choreographic vision and performing skills, giving birth to a unique, sultry modern vision of dance. A genre of dance, an approach towards the art of movements she calls “The Dance of New Age”. A style, which combines the understanding of human physiology and multicultural artistic aesthetic, coupled with vigorous physical technique.

Her philosophy is “Science in the Form of an Art and Art in the Form of a Science”.
Svetlana has performed nationally and internationally and her performances have been shown on television in the United States.


In addition to her artistic career, she has explored natural healing modalities. As a result, Svetlana has become a mind body wellness practitioner and educator. Her professional expertise includes areas such as: fitness, therapeutic massage and reflexology, flower essence therapy, Reiki healing and meditation.


In her attempt to bring the multiple benefits of healing arts to the public, she has also founded Mind Body Wellness Institute. Its goal is to provide unique services in three major areas: fitness, natural health, and mind body balance.


Natalya Nemirovsky (Czyzewska) – a music director and fashion designer at the New Age Ballet Co. is a Recognized National Artist of Ukraine, an active historian of Art & Philosophy, musicologist and  piano teacher. Natalya has over 35 years of experience in music education and wearable art, fashion and accessory design, theatrical costume design, visual art and crafts.

Her fashion, art and craft exhibitions received numerous awards, and have been displayed at the National Folk Art Museum in Riga, Latvia, and have also been displayed at the most prestigious art galleries and traveled across the states of the former Soviet Union.

Her artworks have been displayed at the international art and craft exhibitions in Europe (UNESCO, Paris) and Asia to promote the art and culture of the Soviet Union and to foster peace among the nations.

Natalya’s selected artworks were also chosen as gifts for the government officials of Ukraine and the veterans of World War II. For her significant contribution to the art and culture of the state, Natalya received the status of a Recognized National Applied Artist of Ukraine.

Her unique vision of beauty, high taste and unlimited fantasy have inspired many in Eastern Europe and in the USA. Natalya continues her creative mission and contributes her talent to the New Age Ballet Co. and consults upon request in fashion and décor. 

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